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HI98509 Checktemp® 1 Digital Thermometer

HI98501 Checktemp® Digital Thermometer

HI98312 DiST® 6 EC/TDS/Temperature Tester

HI98304 DiST® 4 Waterproof EC Tester (0.00-20.00 mS/cm)

RM 210.00Add to CartRM 199.00Add to CartRM 540.00Add to CartRM 267.00Add to Cart

HI12922 HALO® Wireless Soil pH Meter

HI11312 HALO® Wireless General Use pH Meter

HI10832 HALO® Wireless pH Meter with Microbulb

FC2142 HALO® Wireless Beer pH Meter

RM 1,198.00Add to CartRM 1,117.00Add to CartRM 1,961.00Add to CartRM 1,253.00Add to Cart

HI2040-02 edge® Multiparameter DO Meter

HI2030-02 edge® Multiparameter EC/TDS/Salinity Meter

HI2020-02 edge® Multiparameter pH Meter

HI2004-02 edge® Dedicated Dissolved Oxygen Meter

RM 3,317.00Add to CartRM 3,317.00Add to CartRM 2,228.00Add to CartRM 3,044.00Add to Cart

HI9142 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

HI8424 Portable pH/mV Meter

HI99121 Direct Soil Measurement pH Portable Meter

HI141JH Temperature Datalogger

RM 2,396.00Add to CartRM 1,716.00Add to CartRM 2,178.00Add to CartRM 1,362.00Add to Cart

HI2211-02 Benchtop pH/mV Meter with 0.01 Resolution $439.00 Write a review

HI2550-02 Multiparameter pH/mV/ISE and EC/TDS/Salinity Benchtop Meter

HI2221-02 Benchtop pH/mV Meter with CAL Check™

HI5522-02 Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop pH/mV/ISE and EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Meter

RM 2,342.00Add to CartRM 3,540.00Add to CartRM 2,614.00Add to CartRM 5,582.00Add to Cart

HI96711 Free and Total Chlorine Portable Photometer

HI96786 Nitrate Portable Photometer

HI96785 Honey Color Portable Photometer

HI96769 Anionic Surfactants Portable Photometer

RM 1,280.00Add to CartRM 1,198.00Add to CartRM 1,797.00Add to CartRM 1,198.00Add to Cart

HI83399 Water & Wastewater Multiparameter (with COD) Photometer and pH meter

HI83326 Pool and Spa Photometer

HI83325 Nutrient Analysis Photometer

HI83314 Wastewater Multiparameter (with COD) Benchtop Photometer and pH meter

RM 6,534.00Add to CartRM 3,349.00Add to CartRM 3,812.00Add to CartRM 5,718.00Add to Cart

HI904-02 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

HI903-02 Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

HI901C-02 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

HI902C2-02 Automatic Potentiometric (pH/mV/ISE) Titration System with 2 Analog Inputs

RM 22,300.00Add to CartRM 22,300.00Add to CartRM 16,335.00Add to CartRM 35,000.00Add to Cart

HI701 Free Chlorine Colorimeter C Checker® HC

HI775 Freshwater Alkalinity Colorimeter C Checker® HC

HI772 Saltwater Aquarium Alkalinity Colorimeter (dKH) C Checker® HC

HI771 Ultra High Range Total Chlorine Colorimeter C Checker® HC

RM 251.00Add to CartRM 251.00Add to CartRM 251.00Add to CartRM 251.00Add to Cart

HI96801 Digital Refractometer for Brix Analysis in Foods

HI96816 Digital Refractometer for Potential Alcohol (% V/V) Analysis in Wine, Must and Juice According to EEC

HI96814 Digital Refractometer for % Brix, Oe and KMW Sugar Analysis in Wine, Juice and Must

HI96813 Digital Refractometer for % Brix and Potential Alcohol (% V/V) Analysis in Wine, Must and Juice

RM 981.00Add to CartRM 981.00Add to CartRM 981.00Add to CartRM 981.00Add to Cart

HI38039 Iron (Fe2⁺ & Fe3⁺) Low Range Checker® Disc Chemical Test Kit

HI3834-050 Iron (Medium Range) Test Kit Replacement Reagents (50 tests)

HI3834 Iron Chemical Test Kit

HI3833 Phosphate Chemical Test Kit

RM 414.00Add to CartRM 51.00Add to CartRM 107.00Add to CartRM 107.00Add to Cart

HI190M-2 Magnetic Mini-Stirrer (230V)

HI181-2 Compact Magnetic Mini-Stirrers with Electrode Holder (Black Colour)

HI200M-2 Stainless Steel Cover Magnetic Mini-Stirrer

HI300N-2 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Cover Mini-Stirrer (2.5L)

RM 540.00Add to CartRM 817.00Add to CartRM 1,008.00Add to CartRM 1,226.00Add to Cart

HI1053B pH Electrode with Conical Tip and BNC Connector

HI3131B Refillable Combination ORP Electrode with BNC Connector

HI1131B Refillable Combination pH Electrode with BNC Connector

HI1230B Gel Filled PEI Body pH Electrode with BNC Connector

RM 926.00Add to CartRM 899.00Add to CartRM 708.00Add to CartRM 518.00Add to Cart

HI7001L pH 1.68 Calibration Solution (500 mL)

HI7010/1L pH 10.01 Calibration Solution (1 L)

HI7032L 1382 mg/L (ppm) TDS Calibration Solution (500mL Bottle)

HI7031L 1413 S/cm Conductivity Standard (500mL Bottle)

RM 71.00Add to CartRM 88.00Add to CartRM 71.00Add to CartRM 71.00Add to Cart

HI93700-01 Ammonia Low Range Reagents (100 tests)

HI93731-01 Zinc Reagents (100 tests)

HI93754A-25 COD Low Range Reagent Vials, EPA Method (25 tests)

HI93754B-25 COD Medium Range Reagent Vials, EPA Method (25 tests)

RM 246.00Add to CartRM 270.00Add to CartRM 267.00Out of StockRM 267.00Out of Stock

HI6100805 AmpHel® Flat-tip pH Electrode - High Temperature, 5m Cable

BL931700-1 pH Mini Controller

HI55M Automatic Fertigation System Waterproof IP55

HI5000M Automatic Fertigation System Waterproof IP55

RM 1,144.00Add to CartRM 1,198.00Add to CartRM 16,800.00Add to CartRM 25,000.00Add to Cart

HI4000-50 Liquid Membrane ISE Sensor Handle

HI4000-51 Replacement pH Assembly for Ammonia ISE

HI4000-52 Replacement Membrane Cap for Ammonia ISE

HI4000-70 Halide Polishing Strips (24 pcs)

RM 1,552.00Add to CartRM 1,977.00Add to CartRM 197.00Add to CartRM 175.00Add to Cart

HI801 iris Visible Spectrophotometer

RM 12,700.00Add to Cart   

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